What to Expect

Frequently Asked Questions

What We Believe

What's a service like?

The Divine Service follows the historic liturgy of the Church using one of the settings available in the Lutheran Service Book. 

What's the music like?

Services include ancient and modern elements. Chanting and congregational singing are common. Hymns from every age of the Christian Church's history are sung thoughout the year. The choir sings regularly. 

How do people dress?

There is no dress code and people dress in all manner of ways according to the season and their comfort.

What about my kids?

Children enjoy singing and participating in the service with their parents. If a child needs to take some time, there is a nursery available with a closed ciruit TV that broadcasts the service.

May I take communion?

If you wish to take communion, please arrive early enough to speak with the pastor before the service, or you may call him before Sunday.

Where do I park?

Gorham: There is parking on either side of the church building. If the lots are full, parking is permitted on the street.

Sanford: There is ample parking anywhere in the lot.