Looking forward to Reformation Day, October 27

Readings: : Revelation 14:6-7; Psalm 46; Romans 3:19-28; John 8:31-36

Hymns: 566, 655, 617, 556, 656


On All Saints' Day, Nov. 3rd, we will remember, in thanksgiving to God, the saints that have gone before us. You are invited to provide names of Christian saints for whom you wish to thank God. Send those names to the church office or email them to  These names will be printed in an insert and prayers will be offered to thank God for them and their faithful witness. Individual thanks will be offered for any who have died in the past year, so please note those individuals.  Please turn your names in by Tuesday at the latest, thank you.

Retention of Youth and Young Adults: LCMS research and its Implications is the topic of the fall New England District Pastor's Conference. The keynote speaker is Rev. Mark R. Kiessling, director of LCMS Youth Ministry and any interested members of Redeemer are welcome to attend. The conference is Oct 28 in Sturbridge, MA. For more information see Pastor.

PATHS TO LUTHERANISM...Issues, Etc. is a radio talk show and podcast produced by Lutheran Public Radio in Collinsville, IL and hosted by LCMS Pastor Todd Wilken.  This week's lineup features guests detailing their journeys to Lutheranism from Roman Catholicism, Mainline Protestantism, Calvinism, Anglicanism, Baptist and Pentecostalism.  You can listen live or on-demand at and on the LPR mobile app.

Save the Date:

  • Sunday, October 27

OCTOBER FEAST Potluck please bring your favorite homemade dish or treat, Bratwurst and Hot Dogs will be provided.

  • Sunday, November 3

You are invited to the home of Pastor & Lisa Sandeno for an Open House Lunch after church form 12:00 noon -3:00 pm. Please bring a dish to share, drinks and desserts will be provided!

  • Remember: Time changes on next weekend, November 3rd, so be prepared to FALL back one hour.
  • Veterans Day coffee hour- Please bring photos of those you know to share with the congregation.

LWML Mite Box offerings last month was $50.  Thank you to everyone who contributed your funds,

and remember the donation box is in the narthex.


The need continues for help at Preble Street each month. Future opportunities are October 29th, November 19th, December 3rd, and January 28th. For more information do not hesitate to contact Tom or Sandy DiPasqua.

Gorham Backpack Program: School is underway, and each day there are children who families struggle to put food on the table. Help us provide food to help children right here in Gorham. Here is a list of items they can use:  applesauce & mixed fruit cups, elbow macaroni#1, Chef-Boyardee (with removable lids), chewy granola bars, microwave mac & cheese single-serve, fruit juice boxes, and single-serve chicken noodle soup (with removable lids). Please place your donations in the box located in the narthex. Any of your donations are appreciated.


In case you missed it, you may view the Hong Kong Vacation Bible School video and slide presentation on the Missions page on the church website.  Dates for the 2020 Hong Kong VBS sessions are January 23-February 2/3, July 8-19/20, July 16-27, and July 8-27.  You may serve for one or more sessions.  Speak to Brenda Anderson if you’d like more information.


Come and help clean the Lord’s House and grounds!  On November 16 all are invited to join in the beautification of the church.  Donuts and coffee will be provided.

Life Thoughts

The Lord swore to defend and avenge Cain though he had killed (Genesis 4:15). Our Almighty Maker wraps His tender mercy (Luke 18:13-14) even around those who have taken life. The Lamb of God also sacrificed His life and shed His blood to release from sin anyone who has participated in abortion or advocated assisted suicide. Only this same repentance and forgiveness will save even For Life voices who find ourselves superior to them.


Rev. 14:6 – “Then I saw another angel flying directly overhead, with an eternal gospel to proclaim to those who dwell on earth.” During the Reformation this text was used to refer to Luther’s ministry and the Lutheran message: we have an eternal Gospel to proclaim. Christ has freed us from our sins without any works on our part. We are saved by grace alone. And, ironically enough, Luther said this should make him the “apostle of works” because once we are freed by grace, we are truly free to serve God in works that flow from thankfulness and praise.

  • Service & Celebration calendar is attached to this email.



Reformation Day (Observed), October 27

Preacher: Rev. Robert Fisher

Deacon: Joe Grube

Assistant: John Kraus

Ushers: Paul Kraus

Organist: Bob Miller

Greeter: Elden & Debbie Lingwood

Altar Guild: B. Hamby, Brenda Anderson

Coffee Hour: Potluck (October Feast)

Counter: Joe & Sally Grube

ALL SAINTS’ DAY (Observed), November, 3

Preacher: Rev. Timothy Sandeno

Deacon: John Kraus

Assistant: Joe Grube

Ushers: Ray & Betsy Gorneau

Organist: Bob Miller

Greeter: Chuck Seyboldt, Kevin King

Altar Guild: E. Hamby, Sally Grube

Coffee Hour: Open House at the Sandeno’s

Counter: C. Seyboldt


For updates, changes, and information for this week’s events

Visit our online calendar on our website at


Sat       10/26  No Saturday Service in Sanford

Sun       10/27  Reformation Day (Observed)

     9:00 am     Sunday School

10:15 am    Divine Service

12:00 pm    Potluck (October Feast)

Tue     10/29      11:00 am – 1:00 pm   Preble St.

Wed       10/30   10:30 am    Bible Study

                       12:00 pm    Divine Service

                         7:00 pm    Prayer Service

  7:30 pm    Bible Study

Sat       11/2    All Saints’ Day (Observed)

                        3:30 pm     Catechesis

                        5:00 pm     Divine Service—1725 Main St. #9 Sanford, ME 04073

Sun      11/3    All Saints’ Day (Observed)

     9:00 am     Sunday School

10:15 am    Divine Service

12:00 pm     Choir Rehearsal


Upcoming Events

Tue     11/19      11:00 am – 1:00 pm   Preble St.



Looking forward to ALL SAINTS’ DAY (OBSERVED)

Readings: Revelation 7:(2–8) 9–17, Psalm 149, 1 John 3:1–3, Matthew 5:1–12

Hymns: 679, 517, 677, 670, 816, 941